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  • Sarah Robb O'Hagan

    Sarah Robb O'Hagan

    Workout Queen by morning, Chief Extremer by day, Wife and Mum of Team Robb O'Hagan by night. Former Prez of EQX and Gatorade. Grew up at NZ, Virgin and Nike.

  • Philip Kaufman

    Philip Kaufman

    University lecturer, sociology, on-and-off extrovert

  • Tommy Sobel

    Tommy Sobel

    Founder and CEO of Brick

  • Patricia López Peña

    Patricia López Peña

  • Dee Poku

    Dee Poku

    Dee Poku is the founder of WIE, an influential leadership network that provides women with the tools to succeed in their careers.

  • Christophe Lindstrom

    Christophe Lindstrom

  • Heather Grant

    Heather Grant

    English Literature MA Student. Wellbeing & sustainability. Find me on insta @writtenbyheatherr and read more https://writtenbyheather.wixsite.com/website

  • A Day Made Better

    A Day Made Better

    On food, cooking, gardening, travel, photography and everything else that makes me smile -Claire Boone

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