In a changing world, what does it mean to stay relevant…or competitive…or better yet, to get ahead.

One benefit of COVID has been reinvention. For example, we are all now questioning whether we need to work in physical offices, or if remote can be just as effective (or effective in different ways). We’re questioning what it means to have work-life balance in a world that is constantly connected. …

I recently gave a presentation for the Consumer Health Summit (CHS) about the fundamentals of building a long-term, sustainable brand. When I was thinking about what might be helpful to a room full of founders, this was the topic that came to mind because it’s arguably the most valuable asset when building a consumer-facing company, yet it’s often the piece that gets the least attention and the smallest investment.

I’ve seen it time and time again… founders building companies with great product concepts, stories and purpose with no investment in the brand itself. …

There is an art to quitting your job.

When you are a business owner, you know that some employees will stay with you for thirty years, and others will leave after three months. And when you are a driven achiever in your career, you may find one company you can work your way up for decades, or you may leapfrog from opportunity to opportunity, year after year.

Coming and going is part of working in the busy world of business.

However, what is far more important than deciding whether or not to stay in one role or move on to…

You never master the art of leadership.

This is something that seems to be missing from the public conversation around how to be an effective leader — in the workplace, in the world at large, and even at home with family and friends. Leadership isn’t a destination, it is a process: a never-ending practice that takes years to develop, and at any moment can feel like a massive fail.

We all, at some point or another, forget how to be great leaders.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about leadership over the course of my career, it’s that the soft…

Every business owner knows a great client when we find one.

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Every business owner knows a great client when we find one.

Great clients stand out from the crowd. They respect the work we do. They pay on time. They show up for planned calls and meetings. They know what they do know and what they don’t know — and understand they’re hiring you for your input and direction. They are all about managing expectations or having their own expectations managed. And most of all, they’re polite, personable, and a joy to work with.

If we are in the services industry, we’ve undoubtedly worked with clients that are the opposite of…

There is a fine line between apologizing and taking responsibility.

A few years ago, I wrote a book called The Feminine Revolution. The idea was that feminine traits have long been perceived as weaknesses, especially in the workplace. Sensitivity, listening to your intuition, or expressing your emotions are typically not the attributes most celebrated in a fast-moving, highly competitive corporate environment — or in a small, fledgling startup, for that matter. …

I have always been a hard worker. Some might call me a high achiever. Others might describe me as an “overdoer.”

I spent the first several years of my career overdoing everything. My calendar was jammed to the max. I lived “work hard, play hard” as I would work long hours in my advertising job and then always find time for dinner and drinks with friends, late nights, then waking up early for a run in Central Park. Nothing could stop me.

I lived in a constant state of fight or flight, always operating on adrenaline. And when I would…

To say that 2020 was a rough year for everyone is literally the understatement of the century.

But beyond the challenges in shifting our social norms, getting used to a remote-first work life, and embracing new forms of communication and connection, this has been an interesting year for personal growth. The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, but the one thing we have all shared throughout the experience is the need to adjust together.

Personally, I used last year as an opportunity to examine aspects of my life I otherwise wouldn’t have thought to question: the ways in which…

When we feel off, it’s often because something is out of alignment.

It sounds simple (and it is), but what’s simple in life is also complicated. Even if we know we aren’t feeling quite right, we often aren’t sure what to do about it. A conversation might feel strange to us, we might get an uneasy feeling when we meet somewhere, or even a place we visit might feel funny to us… these are all signals we’re getting from our body… the “funny” feeling.

The question is: are we listening?

I feel strongly that alignment is one of the keys…

The art of practicing discipline where you need it most in life

Image by author

At the moment, I’m feeling overwhelmed, torn in many different directions, and it occurs to me that I need to implement more discipline in my life. But the word creates mixed emotions for me.

Whenever I hear the word “discipline,” I think of being in elementary school and the strict teachers disciplining us kids.

In hindsight, I’m thankful for the experience (I hated it as a kid) because it instilled in me a strong sense of personal accountability. I knew what was expected of me, and I also knew the consequences of not following through on those expectations. Later, when…

Amy K Stanton

Founder & CEO, Stanton & Company. Co-author of The Feminine Revolution.

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